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That's the Big Scoop?': Shep Smith Rips Into Piers Morgan & CNN Over Off-Air Casey Anthony Interview


"Scoop: 'This is CNN Breaking News: Casey Anthony Has Not Gained Weight!'"

On Tuesday, CNN's Piers Morgan took to his Twitter feed to promote the fact that he spoke, via telephone, with Casey Anthony. Then, that evening, he had Anthony's lawyer, Cheney Mason, on his show. But there was something a bit odd about the segment: There was no audio from Morgan's phone conversation with the young woman -- only quotes that the host read on-air.

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Initially, The Blaze noticed this and found it a bit odd, but we reasoned that lawyers for Anthony potentially declined to allow Morgan and CNN to record the discussion. Apparently, we weren't the only ones to notice the issue. On his Wednesday broadcast, Fox News' Shepard Smith slammed Morgan and charged that the interview was overhyped.

"CNN's Piers Morgan — if you haven't heard of him, he's the guy who replaced the Larry King — he says he spoke with Casey Anthony on the phone for about ten minutes," Smith said. "It was a big get — a G-E-T for the CNN."

The anchor went on to criticize Morgan's discussion about Anthony's weight (there has purportedly been accusations that she has gained weight floating around) -- rumors that Morgan dismissed on-air. Smith, of course, couldn't contain himself.

"Scoop: 'This is CNN Breaking News: Casey Anthony Has Not Gained Weight!' You've come a long way, CNN," he quipped.

When it came to analyzing the odd segment, during which the interview with Anthony was referenced but not shared, Smith was clear about where he stood.

"I mostly respect the work that all of them do. But CNN gets its big scoop, Piers gets on the phone with Casey, hangs up the phone, comes on TV and talks to the lawyer," he explained. "Really? That's the big scoop?"

Watch Smith discuss the Morgan interview in detail, below:

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