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Hitchhiking Shooting 'Victim' Admits He Shot Himself


Writing a book on "Kindness in America."

Ray Dolin

You may recall that last week, the Blaze reported on a hitchhiker who was shot while writing his memoirs under the heavily ironic title, "Kindness in America." At the time, the Blaze's Madeleine Morgenstern wrote:

The Billings Gazette reported 39-year-old Raymond Dolin of West Virginia was sitting on the side of a highway waiting for a ride when a man drove up in a maroon pickup, shot him and drove away.

Valley County Sheriff Glen Meier told the newspaper Dolin is working on a book titled “The Kindness of America.”[...]

Authorities began a manhunt for the driver of the pickup, ultimately arresting 52-year-old Charles Lloyd Danielson III in connection with the shooting.

Well, in a twist worthy of M. Night Shyamalan, it turns out the whole thing was a lie. Gawker reported today that Dolin has come out with the admission that he actually shot himself and then made up the story about the drive-by shooting:

The 39-year-old West Virginian man who was reportedly injured in a random drive-by while hitchhiking in Montana confessed to police that he actually shot himself.

The case is still being investigated by the Valley County Sheriff's Office, and charges could still be brought against Ray Dolin.

No motive for the lie has been given, One wonders what variety of "kindness" is involved in making up stories that get complete strangers arrested. Guess we'll just have to wait for the memoir to come out to find out.

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