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The Five's Eric Bolling chides reporter who interrupted Obama's immigration speech


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About 98.6 percent of what Fox News' Eric Bolling has to say on the air involves some type of negative criticism of President Barack Obama. That other 1.4 percent actually showed itself today when Bolling said on The Five that the reporter who shouted out questions in the middle of Obama's immigration speech today should have kept quiet.

"You're going to hate me for saying this but I don't think it was right for him to be yelling that stuff out there," Bolling said, with all pigment exiting his face. "Just let [Obama] say his piece. He was blowing himself up."

Dana Perino chimed in, "And it wasn't a press conference. The president was giving a statement in the Rose Garden and the question was 'will he take any questions.' He usually doesn't in the rose garden."


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