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An Absolute Mess': Beck Breaks Down What Greek Elections REALLY Mean


The presidential elections in Egypt finally came to a head with the Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohammed Morsi reigning victorious.

Mocking the failed predictions made by pundit Bill Kristol, an incredulous Glenn Beck marveled at the idea that the far from "secular" Muslim Brotherhood took office swiftly after pronouncing its plans to establish an Islamic caliphate based on Shariah law.

After an Israeli worker was shot dead at the Israel-Egypt border -- something that has not happened in over 30 years since the peace treaty between then Prime Minister Menachem Begin and Egyptian PM Anwar Sadat was signed. Now, the regime that seeks the end of Israel, the West and even Coptic Christians living in Egypt, holds the highest office in the land. It's also worth noting that the interim assembly chosen by the incoming part is not recognized by the military, making a "seamless" transition nearly impossible.

Beck breaks down a situation he deems "an absolute mess":

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