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Here Are 41 Joe Biden Expressions You Must Know


As the campaign trail heats up, it is important to keep a close eye on our elected officials.  But due to talking points and teleprompters, our leaders true feelings are often hard to predict.  That's where Vice President Joseph Biden is a breath of fresh air. Our frank, second-in-command makes no bones about what's on his mind, at all times.

Biden has been more expressive than ever in this crucial election cycle.  From formally inviting himself back onto the ticket, to friending the Taliban and implicating Navy SEALs, to forcing our first black president to also accept the haylo of the first gay president, all while predictably calling his electoral rival "President Romney."

Your friendly Blaze staff has tirelessly investigated the various facial expressions of say-it-ain't-so Joe, so that we might all watch in anticipation when he begins a sentence with --

“I shouldn’t say this, but I’m going to tell you anyway…”

1.  Bear Claw Biden


2. Patriotic Grit Biden


3.  PDA (Public Display of Affection) Biden


4. "Can You Tell Me How To Get To..." Biden

5.  Shout Out Biden

6.  Did I just say that? Biden


7.  I'm sorry I said that. Biden

8. Middle Earth Biden

9.  10-4 Biden

10.  Slippery When Wet Biden

11. Not Me, Not Me Biden

12. Drive Through Biden

13. Blue Steel Biden

14. Fired Up Biden

15.  Fired Down Biden

16. Don't Turn Around Biden

17.  "Who's your Daddy?" Biden

18. Doc Brown Biden

19. "Who, Me?" Biden

20. Epiphany Biden

21. Crazy Uncle Biden

22. Sour Patch Biden

23. One Bite Biden

24. Dick Cheney Biden

25. Waiter Biden (Serving a hot plate of Biden)

26.  Adorable Biden

27. Sup' Dog (Not related to #26)

28. Lemme at em' Biden

29. Startled Biden

30. Bro Biden

31. Wet T-Shirt Biden

32. Hot Pursuit Biden

33. Forgeddaboutit Biden

34. Simmer Down Now Biden

35. BOO! Biden

36. You Disgust Me Biden

37. Ice Ice Biden

38. Sumo Biden

39. Bully Biden

40. One Final Thing Biden

41. Like A Boss Biden

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