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Keith Olbermann insists he is not going for Col. Sanders with new facial hair


Former ESPN, Fox Sports Net, MSNBC, and Current TV host Keith Olbermann has been relatively quiet since his messy break-up with Al Gore's cable network. In addition to the occasional Sunday news show appearance and maintaining biweekly posts on his MLB.com blog, the progressive hero and former news anchor actively updates his Twitter account. Last week Olbermann quietly tweeted this gem with performers of "The Book of Mormon" Josh Gad and Nikki James, revealing his new personal grooming habits:

The new facial hair has been compared by some to the signature snow white mustache and strip beard of iconic Kentucky Fried Chicken frontman Harland "Colonel" Sanders. The resemblance is striking:

The day following his initial tweet, Olbermann addressed growing concerns regarding his new fast-food spokesman likeness:

Olbermann is not the first TV personalty to experiment with alternative grooming techniques. Jon Stewart debuted a marshmallow fluff white goatee two summers ago, Conan O'Brien began growing an anti-establishment beard after his unceremonious departure from NBC, and even Glenn Beck tried out a goatee last fall.

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