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America 'As You've Never Seen It Before': What Exactly Are You Seeing in These Incredible New Satellite Photos?


"new perspective on the hidden patterns and rhythms of American life..."

Transportation of dead bodies within the United States. (Image: America Revealed)

Combining aerial footage and real-time satellite data, a series set to air in the United Kingdom on PBS is showing "the American landscape as you’ve never seen it before."

Sure, you've may have seen similar images tracking flight patterns across the United States or the electricity grid, but "America Revealed" goes a step further including things like the New York City morning commute, Domino's Pizza truck routes and the transport of dead bodies cross country.

For example, the Daily Mail points out this latter route clearly shows those who died in Florida after retirement being "repatriated to their home states."

Here's more from the show's website on the series, which began airing in the United States earlier this year and full episodes are already available online:

The UK producers of Britain from Above take you to the skies for a bird’s-eye view of how the vast and complex country of America actually works.


Host Yul Kwon climbs, leaps, and rides across the U.S. to trace the mighty infrastructures that miraculously come together to manufacture goods, transport people, grow tonnes of food, and power the tech-dependent nation.

From the glaciers of Alaska to the crowded New York subways; from Chicago’s bustling freight yards to the lonely badlands of Wyoming, Yul takes you to spectacular and unexpected places and introduces you to the people whose effort and expertise puts food on every American table, keeps the lights on, the transport systems moving and the factories busy. This is a celebration of a nation in the 21st century.

The four-part series includes episodes on food, transportation, electric use and manufacturing. Here are a couple teasers of the episodes.

This one tracks a pizza delivery man on a Friday night in New York City:

All the food outlets -- including fast food -- are revealed in this "dining galaxy":

The idea for "America Revealed," stemming from the BBC's "Britain From Above," is a show that offers a "new perspective on the hidden patterns and rhythms of American life, by looking through the eyes of individuals who all play a part in keeping America fed, moving, powered and making goods."

If you missed it while it was airing in the United States this spring, check out the episodes here.

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