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Beck Tells the Epically Tragic -- and Funny -- Story of How His Orson Welles-Signed Fishbowl Was Ruined by... the Cleaning Lady


"In the old days, I would have fired her."

The road to destruction is paved with good intentions.* Glenn Beck learned that the hard way this week. But what was destroyed and how might surprise you.

What am I talking about? His new, prized Orson Welles fishbowl, of course (Beck's company, Mercury, is named after Welles's company.) Beck explained on radio that he had just received the bowl -- hand-painted and signed by Welles -- on Monday after he won it via auction. He just so happened to leave it on his desk overnight, and during a meeting Tuesday morning noticed something odd: the fishbowl had been washed and wiped nearly clean -- most of the images were gone and the signature were gone. As Beck explained, the cleaning lady decided to go above-and-beyond her duties and clean the dirty fishbowl. Only, the bowl was meant to stay that way.

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