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Goldberg: Reporter who heckled Obama 'a jerk


On Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor last night host Bill O'Reilly and media critic Bernard Goldberg discussed the recent mess in the White House Rose Garden. The mess in which a Daily Caller reporter, Neil Munro, shouted out questions during President Barack Obama's new immigration policy remarks.

"I say it's a pure attention-getting play for [Munro]. Alright, he wants attention. The Daily Caller wants attention," O'Reilly said.

Then Goldberg:

"I would say that this reporter for The Daily Caller, in a word, is a jerk -- a jerk; totally unprofessional... I would have fired that reporter before he got back to the office... It's totally unprofessional to interrupt the President of the United States in the middle of his remarks, supposedly to ask a question..."


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