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Dems try (and fail) to prank GOP


The National Republican Congressional Campaign Committee (NRCC) recently launched its latest anti-ObamaCare campaign, welcoming signatures for petitions to repeal President Obama's health care law. The political stunt included a live camera feed that could show signees their names printed onto miniature paper petitions. Obviously, this uncontrolled live feed also welcomed liberal hijackers who sought to turn the petition drive into a fun tool of mockery.

A few of the hijackers were creative, including one Pokemon fan who signed the repeal petition on behalf of Jiggly Puff:

I'll admit, it was a clever ploy.  But something was lost on many of the liberal antagonists who tried to "hijack" the printer feed by plugging the names of their most despised conservative foes.  The problem with this?  Conservatives actually do support the repeal.  So I'm not exactly sure what liberals hoped to accomplish with entries like this one:

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