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See The Blaze's S.E. Cupp Appear in Skit Mocking Obama Fundraiser on...'The Daily Show


You never quite know where The Blaze's S.E. Cupp will turn up these days. She's regularly on "Real News from The Blaze," frequently on MSNBC, and recently on "The View." So maybe it shouldn't be a surprise that she made a cameo on Jon Stewart's "The Daily Show" Monday night.

Cupp appeared in a skit mocking the president's recent fundraiser at the home of Hollywood star Sarah Jessica Parker (of "Sex and the City" fame). The sketch (which is also a way to make fun of Parker's show) followed "Daily Show" correspondent Samantha Bee as she considers an invite to the Obama/Parker fundraiser. And because Bee isn't quite sure how she feels about Obama four years later, she enlists the advice of some friends. One of them is Cupp.

Mediaite explains:

Not disappointing, Cupp said it looks bad “to throw this fundraiser and hobnob with Hollywood celebrities when we still have 8.2 percent unemployment.” As Cupp continued, an exasperated Bee remembered “sometimes she gives too much advice,” and “never had a good thing to say about him anyway.”

In the end, Bee ignores Cupp's advice and tries to go. But realizes when she gets there that she wasn't exactly invited. You can watch it below, but know there is some adult-themed content:

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