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These Are the 6 Reasons Christian Talk Radio Host Steve Deace Won't Vote for Romney


"Romney is such a violation of everything I believe that I just can't vote for him."

Christian talk radio host Steve Deace isn't hiding his views about the Republican establishment. Deace, who is based in Des Moines, Iowa, has been vocal about his disdain for Republican Mitt Romney, as he has openly said that he won't be supporting the former Massachusetts governor.

Earlier this month, the syndicated radio host and author outlined on his personal Facebook page the six reasons that he isn't planning on voting for him come November. On Tuesday, The Blaze reached out to Deace to discuss his controversial stance on Romney -- one that will surely be lamented by many establishment Republicans.

"Romney is such a violation of everything I believe that I just can't vote for him," the radio host said. "At some point I need to stop supporting people [who violate my views] regardless of what party they're in."

While Deace was firm in his message and tone, he didn't pass judgment on others who may, indeed, choose to vote between the so-called "lesser of two evils." But the commentator isn't planning on settling on either candidate this election cycle, despite admitting that some people he respects do plan on doing so.

In the end, he contends that Americans are being given a terrible choice between a "social Darwinish progressive" (i.e. Obama) and "a flat-out political hack who will say anything, do anything, lie to anyone...do anything to win" (i.e. Romney). Despite holding such strong views, Deace maintains that he's not campaigning against Romney by any means. Instead, he says he's merely sharing his views on the candidate's policies.

On his Facebook page, the host delved into the six "stipulations" governing his refusal to simply accept Romney as the lesser of two purportedly lackluster candidates. Here they are:

1) I do not believe my vote determines the winner of an election the way most people do. The Bible clearly teaches there is no authority on earth except that which God has ordained, and I am a strong believer in the sovereignty of God, so pagan philosophical arguments like not voting for "A" is a vote for "B" have no impact on me, except to compel me to wonder why so many people have such simplistic logic. After all, as David Shedlock recently pointed out, if not voting for Romney is a vote for Obama then why is not voting for Obama a vote for Romney? I do believe God gives us the leaders we deserve, so I think the more faithful we are the more blessing God gives us. Thus, I view my vote as an act of worship more than a responsibility of citizenship (which also matters but not as much) and loyalty to a political party (which doesn't matter at all).

2) What I am writing here is not intended to persuade anyone else to my position, but rather explain my position. When you read further you will understand why this particular position is personal to me. As a public figure (whether I want to admit I am one or not), I believe I owe you these sorts of explanations if for no other reason than I demand it from other public figures -- and I must hold myself accountable to the same standard I hold others.

3) Although at times I can get snarky with the best of them, and crack jokes about things like hoping Romney picks a terrible RINO running mate, that's really just gallow's humor to keep from crying over the state of my country. The truth is I would love it if Romney shocked me into admitting I was wrong -- just once. For example, I would love it if he picked a God-fearing running mate who is capable of honoring their sworn oaths of office before God and man. We are running out of time as a people, and don't have much more time for RINOs let alone cultural marxists and socialists masquerading as Keynesians. I would love it if Romney, or even Obama for that matter, didn't constantly live down to my expectations.

4) On the other hand, history has shown it's who's at the top of the ticket that matters, just ask Sarah Palin. While it's idealistic to fantasize about a Godly man having influence over Romney, the truth is the list is long and tragic of Godly men who have already compromised themselves over Romney. Just read our book "We Won't Get Fooled Again" if you want the documentation. A little bit of leaven ruins the whole loaf.

5) It is the responsibility of the candidate/politician to earn my vote, not my responsibility as a citizen to compromise God's moral standard to vote for them. I am the boss, they are the job applicant. Therefore, the burden of hiring is on them, and not me. If a candidate wants my support, live up to my standard and you'll get it. It's just that simple.

6) As a Christian I am not motivated by fear, because perfect love casts out all fear. I am motivated by faith, so boogeymen don't scare me. My God lives, and the grave couldn't hold him. So you'll forgive me if fear-mongering propaganda doesn't drive me into the arms of a slightly less poisonous snake.

Of course, Deace also highlighted more specific policy reasons for his stance. Romney, he claims, has an "anti-marriage, anti-life, and anti-liberty record" -- one that causes him to label Romney a "serial liar and a flip-flopper." He also takes issue with the candidate's handling of gay marriage issues in Massachusetts (read the rest of his analysis here). Deace reiterated these sentiments when speaking with The Blaze today.

"We have to get to the point where evil is evil regardless of who did it," he said. "What I'm trying to do is help get as many conservatives get elected as possible...whether Obama or Obamney wins the election this fall, we're going to need as many [of them] as we can get."

The radio host noted that others, including Mathew D. Staver, Vice President of Liberty University, has stated similar views on Romney.

"The Romney campaign -- they want to win standing for nothing so that they don't owe us anything in office," Deace proclaimed.

Judging from the host's current stance, little will persuade him into supporting Romney this fall.

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