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I Thought I Could Help Him': Rielle Hunter Explains Why She Had an Affair With John Edwards


"Intensity like a rock concert"

ABC recently had an exclusive interview with Rielle Hunter, the woman who had an affair with John Edwards while his wife was dying of breast cancer and while he was seeking the presidency.

It was her first since Edwards’ acquittal for accepting illegal campaign contributions, according to the New York Daily News, and no doubt timed to build anticipation for book release Tuesday.

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Here is the preview of the interview, if you can only handle Hunter's smirk for two or three minutes:

"I'm [a] woman who fell in love with a married man.  I'm not the first woman, and I am not going to be the last, but that's what happened."

When asked whether she regrets falling in love with a married man, Hunter replied: "I don't regret falling in love, and I don't regret loving him, nor do I regret our daughter."  She does, however, have regrets about "how it was handled."

At around 4:10, Cuomo says: "He invites you to a hotel room, usually a situation that you avoid when it's a married man, fair point?"

"Yes...I went there because I believed I could help him," Hunter explained, laughing.  He was just a guy she called "Johnny," she explained, not a presidential candidate.

Watch the rest of the distasteful interview-- which includes the phrase "intensity like a rock concert"-- via ABC:

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