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Have You Seen the Awkward Video of the Obamas Describing Their First Date?


"Gentleman, take tips."

At The Blaze, we've chronicled the odd facial expressions of Joe Biden, but the latest video by Barack Obama could mean the president is joining the list.

The Obama campaign has released a fundraising video that details Barack and Michelle's first date. The idea is that after hearing about their first meal, you'll rush to donate money to share a dinner with them for a first date of your own with the couple. But after seeing the video, they may have overestimated the pull.

Here's how the Daily Mail describes the awkward video in its headline:

In the video, the Obamas describe their date to the Art Institute in Chicago. It involved lunch, a fountain, and then a movie -- Spike Lee's "Do the Right Thing."

But mostly, the video includes some interesting faces from the president:

Now, it is true that in almost any video one is able to stop it at some point and grab an awkward photo. But rest assured, that's not the case. Watch the video and see for yourself:

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