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Only in New York: Elmo Has an Anti-Semitic Meltdown in Central Park

Only in New York: Elmo Has an Anti-Semitic Meltdown in Central Park

"Jews will harass you."

Okay, Elmo from Sesame Street didn't really go off on an anti-Semitic tirade in Central Park on Sunday. A grown man in an Elmo costume went off on an anti-Semitic tirade in Central Park on Sunday.

Does that make it any better?

Seriously, regardless of whether it was a sock puppet or a six-foot man, the only thing we know for certain is this: the fact that authorities on Sunday had to put a Jim Henson character on a stretcher and take him away for observation makes this the oddest article we’ve ever written.

Photo courtesy Gothamist

"An Elmo imposter who has hassled tourists for money for years was taken away from Central Park in an ambulance Sunday afternoon after cops got a call about an emotionally disturbed person," the New York Daily News reports.

The obviously unbalanced man "began yelling obscenities when security guards booted him from Central Park Zoo for pestering tourists to pay him to pose for pictures," the report adds.

What "Elmo" looks like behind his mask (image courtesy: New York Daily News)

But here's the kicker: Sunday's outburst wasn't even a first. Apparently, the Central Park Elmo has been harassing park-goers with obscene, anti-Semitic speeches for a while now and there’s a boatload of cell phone footage to prove it.

For instance, the following video was uploaded to YouTube last week:

We tried our best to transcribe Elmo's speech, but because the audio quality is poor, we were only able to make out the following:

  1. You should definitely read "The International Jew," an anti-Semitic pamphlet written in the 1920s by Henry Ford.
  2. If you try to start your own business, the Jews will harass you.
  3. The "Jewish costume companies" are stopping this guy from making money. We assume that has something to do with his "business" revolving around dressing up as a trademarked character, for whom he doesn't have the rights.
  4. This is the scariest Elmo we’ve seen in all our life.

And let's not forget Elmo's April 23rd “I work for John Gotti" outburst [warning – coarse language]:

Lastly, there was Elmo's May 28th "random obscenities" meltdown [again – coarse language]:

Difficult though it is to make anything out in this last video, we do have to note one thing: Elmo starts yelling "Viacom is bulls**t" midway through the video, and then yells "They're trying to hurt Elmo!" Presumably, since Viacom is the company that owns Sesame Street, this has something to do with those "Jewish costume companies" that are harassing him. After all, we can totally see why Viacom would object to this particular person dressing up as one of their most beloved characters as a ploy for cash.

Either way, we always thought it was only a matter of time before Elmo snapped.

UPDATE -- There is now video of Elmo being arrested while partially out of his suit. If you thought the anti-Semitic comments in the first few videos were bad, they are nothing compared to this:

(H/T: Mediaite)

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