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Speaks With the Voice of the Enemy': Watch S.E. Cupp Spar With Co-Panelists in First 'Cycle' Show


This is going to be quite the "Dinner Party."

MSNBC's "The Cycle," apparently meant to be something like a four person recreation of Fox's "The Five" with mostly progressive hosts, and modeled after a "Dinner Party," debuted today. And ordinarily, we would assume most readers of this site wouldn't care, except for one big item: S.E. Cupp is the show's token conservative, a fact for which we have to give MSNBC credit. They at least found someone with unimpeachable credentials.

With that said, if today's ending segment is any guide, the show is going to place a lot of emphasis on Cupp's token status. In a closing segment explaining what "The Cycle" is all about, Cupp's cohost Toure singled her out by name multiple times - albeit mostly in a good natured fashion - and also defended her being on the show.

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