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Terrorist Brett Kimberlin Strikes Again? Blogger Aaron Walker Tells The Blaze About Yet Another SWAT-ting Attack

Terrorist Brett Kimberlin Strikes Again? Blogger Aaron Walker Tells The Blaze About Yet Another SWAT-ting Attack

Blaze readers are unlikely to forget the story of Brett Kimberlin -- the convicted domestic terrorist turned Soros-funded "activist" who seems bent on destroying the lives of bloggers who speak truthfully about him. Now, it appears the "Speedway Bomber," or perhaps one of his admirers, has struck again, engineering yet another "SWAT-ting" -- this time of blogger and attorney, Aaron Walker. You might recall Walker, who talked about his long, ongoing legal battle with Kimberlin during interviews with The Blaze and Glenn Beck.

The most recent SWAT-ting incident occurred roughly around 6:00 p.m. on Monday, according to Walker. He heard a knock at the door, which continued to grow in intensity.

"I hear a voice on the other side saying 'open the door,'" Walker told The Blaze in an interview Tuesday morning.

"I stick my head out and there are two cops hugging the front wall of my house with M4s -- they were pointed at the ground."

Walker was clear to note that the police officers were measurably calmer than those involved in fellow Kimberlin-victim Pat Frey's SWAT-ting incident. Frey claimed in his case, officers had their guns drawn and were yelling orders, believing he had just shot his wife (as that is what the hoax-phone call to law enforcement had led authorities to believe).

"Let me guess, someone just said I shot my wife?" Walker asked the officers matter-of-factly. Walker said that something in the tone of his voice must have given the officers a sense that he was indeed the victim of a hoax.

The police, of course, had to do their "due diligence" regardless. According to the blogger, they swept the house and questioned his wife who essentially asked them the same exact question Walker had at the front door. While she had a "gut feeling" a SWAT-ting or similar form of harassment would likely happen to them given their ongoing legal battle with Kimberlin, Walker said his wife was still a bit shaken after the incident.

Police, meanwhile, were also concerned with finding out who committed the hoax, according to Walker.

Possible motive 

Walker believes the catalyst for the SWAT-ting stems from his recent victory in court against Kimberlin. Earlier in the month, Judge Cornelius Vaughey found Walker to be in violation of a peace order simply for Tweeting and blogging about Kimberlin. The judge asserted Walker was "inciting" violence against the Speedway Bomber, even though Walker maintains he took every precaution to not compromise Kimberlin's safety. For example, Walker explained that whenever he has posted original court documents on his blog, he redacts Kimberlin's address and contact details. He also said he will not feature a recent picture of the Speedway Bomber on his website as he "sees no purpose to it."

On Monday, another judge reversed the decision and lifted the portion of the peace order which stated Walker was not permitted to even write about Kimberlin. Now, Walker is allowed to talk about Kimberlin to a general audience.

"If reporting that someone did something bad can allow a judge to ban speech," Waker began, then that means "the death of journalism and the First Amendment."

Luckily for Walker, the most recently appointed judge recognized that Kimberlin had been abusing the legal process, and Walker's free speech was restored. While the perpetrator of the attorney's SWAT-ting has yet to be determined, it seems plausible that Kimberlin would be disappointed over his legal setback and that he or his minions might be motivated to silence Walker further.

"SWAT-ting is a sign of desperation and impotence by certain people who at least have an admiration of Brett Kimberlin," Walker explained. "It seems obvious whoever it [the caller] is likes Kimberlin."

For his part, Walker vowed to continue fighting the entire peace order and has also filed a federal suit to enjoin Kimberlin from abusing the peace order and criminal process in Maryland further. Walker told me that he will also suing for damages.

Regarding the SWAT-ting, the attorney said his expectations are realistic, as past SWAT-tings have yet to be solved. Nonetheless, he remains optimistic and will pursue all relevant legal channels if and when the authorities are able to determine who the perpetrator was.

"If they think this [SWAT-ting] is going to stop me... they are woefully mistaken," Walker concluded.


Update: This Tuesday, June 26, at 9:30 p.m. E.T., The Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity will join bloggers Aaron Walker, Lee Stranahan and Mandy Nagy in a webinar to discuss the recent Kimberlin attacks and the suppression of free speech.

In an official statement, Tabitha Hale, New Media Director at the Franklin Center, states:

"A free press is essential to a free society, and attempts to silence those who are telling the truth are entirely unacceptable. We are glad to have a small part in the fight to protect the First Amendment by supporting victims of these attacks. We will always err on the side of free speech.”

The webinar is titled: "Fighting for a Free Press" and can be registered for here.




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