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Do You Know What 'SWATting' Is? Victims Tell Beck How They Were Targeted by Terrorist Brett Kimberlin


A must-listen for any supporter of the First Amendment.

As a convicted domestic terrorist and "sociopath" wreaks havoc on the lives of bloggers across the country, Friday, May 25th, has officially been dubbed "blog about Brett Kimberlin day." In my previous post, which can be read in its entirety here, I detailed the bizarre life of an ex-con turned Soros-funded "social justice" seeker, who has made brass knuckles-style intimidation tactics an art form.

As chronicled earlier, Kimberlin -- also known as the Indiana "Speedway Bomber" -- has been terrorizing both conservative and liberal bloggers who dare mention his dubious background (albeit truthfully).

What's more, Kimberlin's non-profit organization, "Justice Through Music," has received a steady stream of funding from George Soros' Tides Foundation and even musical "diva" Barbara Streisand. Whether the two are simply ignorant of Kimberlin's true nature or are willfully complicit, remains to be seen.

The victims -- Patrick Frey who blogs under the moniker, "Patterico," and Aaron Walker, whose blog is titled, "Allergic to Bull," along with several others --  have been subject to death threats (veiled and not veiled), blackmail, extortion, numerous frivolous lawsuits, cyber-attacks of email and social networking accounts, and become the target of smear campaigns that have ultimately led to at least one couple losing their jobs.

In Frey's instance, a SWAT team even descended on his house after a disingenuous call was placed to law enforcement making it sound as though Frey had confessed to murdering his wife. While the real caller has yet to be identified, Frey, who serves as the deputy district attorney for Los Angeles County, strongly suspects it was placed by Kimberlin-proxy Ron Brynaert.

While the stories sound too unbelievable to be true, the victims say they are. Both Frey and Walker, despite being under siege by Kimberlin near-daily, went on the record both in my previous post, and on Glenn Beck's Friday morning radio broadcast, to share their ordeal.

Both men fear for the safety of themselves and their families and with just cause, considering some who have crossed Kimberlin before have turned up dead. It is also important to note that both men are respected attorneys and members of their community -- hardly the type who would sensationalize a story to stir up controversy.

The interviews below are a must-listen for any supporter of the First Amendment.

Aaron Walker tells Beck how he lost his job over Kimberlin's relentless harassment:

Patrick Frey explains what it was like to be "SWATted":

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