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Beck Explains Why We Have a 'New Chance' For 'Hope and Change


All is not lost.

The slogan "change," according to Glenn Beck, worked in 2008 because people on both sides of the aisle were frustrated with the entire political system and thought that perhaps a hopeful, interracial president would transcend all barriers. Beck ceded that it was even easy from him to rejoice at the significance of America electing its first black president.

Yet "all of that promise was squandered," he noted. And that is why President Obama is having trouble raising money (as is evident by his most recent plea for donations). Democrats put "big labor" and corporations "above people who believe in something."

The "number one special interest group should be the American People," said Beck, who added that the "goal" should not be about accumulating more power while growing government and political organizations.

Nonetheless, Americans' "hope" is not lost, as they have their chance start anew in 2012:

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