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Communist Party: Obama's Reelection is 'Absolutely Essential

Communist Party: Obama's Reelection is 'Absolutely Essential

"Every Republican governor is trying to do to the African-American and Latino vote what Walker has done to labor rights in Wisconsin: repress and suppress it by any means necessary."

For reasons we at the Blaze have never fully found persuasive, it has long been considered bad form to accuse President Obama of communist or socialist sympathies, even in the most roundabout way.

Yet what happens when the communists themselves sympathize with him? We have not yet been handed our official protocol on that from the mainstream media. Whatever shall we do?

In this case, most likely laugh after we've silenced the feeling of queasiness brought about by this story. You see, while President Obama doesn't claim to be a communist, certainly communists seem to be in a hurry to get him reelected. John Case, a writer at People's World, one of the official web organs of the Communist Party, has made precisely that case. You may be surprised to learn that his reasoning is, though, the reverse of Glenn Beck's reasoning for supporting Mitt Romney. To quote Beck on Romney, "At least he's not a commy."

In short: We can't vote for Romney because he's not a commy.

For the actual communists, that seems to be the main sticking point. Consider these quotes from Case's article:

But the right-wing aim to divide and conquer was pervasive. They aimed to exploit any possible difference between private sector workers and public workers, people with and people without pensions, people in the cities and people in rural areas, people in unions and people not in unions and even between firefighters and police on the one hand and the rest of the public workers on the other. These divisions and a Democratic Party in Wisconsin not fully agreeing to focus on what triggered the recall in the first place - the attack on collective bargaining rights - resulted in a situation where Walker was able to define the main issue not as his attempt to kill unions but as whether it was fair or unfair to overturn his election before he had a chance to complete his first term. While the right-wing spendfest sharpened the message of the Republicans it made some Democrats wary of taking the kind of strong stands needed to move working people suffering during the current economic crisis.[...]

Labor and progressive forces must double-down on unity to prevent a national Walker-like regime from seizing power. The basis of that unity is partially revealed in the Krugman and Stiglitz books: understand the "paradox of thrift" - if an individual is in debt, they must cut expenses, but if a government - meaning ALL of us - is in debt, in a depression, cutting expenses, which means cutting more jobs, only get you deeper in debt, and deeper in depression.[...]

Every Republican governor is trying to do to the African-American and Latino vote what Walker has done to labor rights in Wisconsin: repress and suppress it by any means necessary. Defense is more divided this time, but energy and ag-biz and real estate are all Romney, and are pledging a billion dollar fund to defeat Obama.[...]

Re-electing Obama is not sufficient to bring economic recovery or even relief to our people. Only a different class configuration in political power can do necessary minimum reforms to give us a chance. But re-electing Obama is absolutely essentialNow is not the time for hand washing the complexities and tactics away - or failing to triage the most critical questions from those that are less critical. We cannot win everything at once!

[Emphasis added]

We hasten to note that this last sentence -- "we cannot win everything at once" -- apparently suggests that the Communist Party USA has finally transitioned away from its old "revolution" model to one based on "evolution," meaning that, to again channel Glenn Beck, they now have become progressives.

Which, come to think of it, puts them in the same camp as President Obama, after all.

(H/T: Weaselzippers)

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