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Have You Noticed How Much Joe Biden Uses the Phrase 'God-Awful'?

Have You Noticed How Much Joe Biden Uses the Phrase 'God-Awful'?

Biden uses the phrase to describe everything from Iraqi weather to Republican economic policy.

Those of you who make a habit of observing Vice President Biden's appearances on the campaign trail -- and frankly, we can't imagine why you would -- might have noticed one of several strange things about the Vice President. No, we're not talking about his gaffes, or his seeming aversion to ever wearing his sleeves turned down. Rather, we're talking about a verbal tic that the Vice President seems to use an awful lot when talking to crowds.

What verbal tic, you may be wondering. Well, Vice President Biden seems to have quite an affection for the phrase "God-awful," despite the fact that so many observers (some even in his own party) think the phrase "god-awful" really only works when applied to Biden himself. CNN spotted this verbal tic and decided to chronicle Biden's nigh-obsessive usage of the phrase:

It's a phrase he's used before - many times - to describe more than simply the economy.

He vividly recalled the heat of the Middle East when speaking to veterans at a White House dinner in March.

"More than a million of you strapped on desert boots and walked across those God-awful sands of Iraq, with temperatures up to 135-140 degrees, averaging about 117 degrees in the summer," he said.

In April, the former Delaware senator described tax cuts in an appearance on MSNBC.

"What goes through my mind is that was the same argument sitting on the Senate floor, listening to George Bush make when he put that God-awful tax cut through for the super wealthy without paying for it," he said, arguing that what followed the tax cuts was "slower job growth than any time in 50 years."

The MSNBC host asked him about GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, "You think this is an instant replay?"

"This is an instant replay," Biden said. "All this God-awful additional tax cut, the Romney rule wants to put in there, another $250,000 a year tax cut for the average person making over a million bucks, on top of the Bush tax cuts?"

Read the rest of the frighteningly exhaustive list here. Frankly, we don't need convincing, seeing as searching for "Biden god-awful" on Youtube immediately turned up at least one video:

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