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I Haven't Been This Angry in a Long Time: Beck Reacts to SCOTUS Decision on Obamacare


In a stunning move, The U.S. Supreme Court Thursday delivered President Obama a game-changing victory by upholding the Affordable Care Act, "affectionately" dubbed "Obamacare."  The ruling reinforces Obama's attempt to secure "affordable" health care to some 45 million Americans and its individual mandate on which the entire bill hinged, was upheld as a "tax."  Despite the myriad experts who deemed the bill unconstitutional, somehow it passed 4-5 in the court, with conservative Chief Justice John Roberts unbelievably swinging the decision in the president's favor. The reasons behind this apparent breach remain unclear.

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The news delivers a staggering blow to business owners across the country, who will not be able to afford the insurance requirements for its employees under the bill. Needless to say, the news went over like a lead balloon with Glenn Beck and his radio co-hosts Pat and Stu -- so much so that they nearly violated FCC language requirements.

Beck, impassioned like never before, urged listeners to go to to make sure they are registered to vote. He also asked that each person go through their Rolodex of contacts and ensure their friends, family and peers are also registered. "If we do not repeal this I don’t know how to do business anymore," Beck warned.

When Beck and his team found out that it was in fact Roberts’ decision that pushed the bill through, they were visibly and audibly stunned. Beck surmised that the reason for Roberts' decision likely hinges on the pervasive nature of progressivism.

“Progressivism is a disease and it is in both parties” Beck said.

"Progressives are fascists."

Beck, looking on the one positive he feels to have come from this decision, said that the "Lord works in mysterious ways."

"I will tell you this: I am a better American today because of Barack Obama. Hear it loud, hear it clearly. I am a better American today because of Barack Obama. I know what my country has done, both good and bad. I have a deep appreciation for what this country is and what the American people are capable of. This is not a setback. This is a challenge and believe me, the American people are up to the challenge, just as we were with the Dred Scott decision. We are up to this challenge."

Beck, unrelenting, made one more impassioned plea with listeners to go to and make sure they are registered to vote. 14% of Americans are not registered to vote, and in this election, the margin cannot be close.

Beck also said that Mitt Romney would need to come out "swinging" with a statement on the SCOTUS decision to show leadership, which he did in fact do at just before 12:00 noon E.T.



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