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GOP Is 'Full of Crap': Beck Unleashes Fiery Rant After Obamacare Verdict, Urges Everyone to Attend FreePAC in Dallas


Glenn Beck, inflamed by the Supreme Court's decision on the Affordable Care Act, is on a mission to reclaim the White House and ensure that Americans, disillusioned by the failings of both Democratic and Republican lawmakers, do all they can to garner a victory in the 2012 election cycle.

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"Here's what I want you to do," Beck stated matter-of-factly before he instructed listeners to attend "FreePAC" an event hosted by Freedom Works that is taking place during Restoring Love on July 26 in Dallas, Texas.

"Boy, FreePAC has never been more important."

Beck went on to share why he is "sick and tired" of the conservative movement and Republicans in general and why he is tired of going to CPAC and saying, "hey, brothers...progressivism is the disease and the people in the room all going, 'yes, yes,' but the power players behind the scene saying, 'never again.'"

"I'm sick and tired that they're cowards. They're all cowards," Beck blasted. "They won't come out and tell you what they really are. They won't tell you what they really mean. They try to convince you we're just like you. Bull crap. Bull crap. Tired of it."

Beck then explained that FreePAC is about "people who believe in freedom, people who believe in small government, people who are not covert progressives, someone walking around in donkey outfits."

"I could give a flying crap about the donkey. Take that party symbol and shoot it in the head. Done, done with it."

He and his co-hosts continued their fiery rant, blasting "progressive" President George W. Bush for appointing Chief Justice John Roberts, the man who ultimately swung the decision on Obamacare in liberals' favor.

Beck said that when one is president, there can be no room for ambiguity on certain issues and always respect the Constitution. Invoking abortion as an example, Beck illustrated his point by stating:"I believe something is murder, I'm not going to ask, 'do you really believe that's murder, do you believe that's murder?' Oh, well, I'm not going to tell you.' If you can't tell me what murder is, get the hell out of my office!'"

While Obama is having a "very good day" today, Beck said the reason he still cannot raise money for his reelection is because "Mr. Hope and change...betrayed us."

"Mitt Romney, if you are a turn-around guy and you are a Constitutional guy and you say limited government, if you spit us out of this system, if you turn things around, you're going to be fantastic. You will have support, but let me tell you something, you won't have jack support from anybody in this nation in the end if you come in and you're Mr. Bailout and you're Mr. Oh, well, we're going to do a little bit of Romneycare. No. You will have no support. The country is split."

The measured, yet impassioned rant continued, with Beck delivering another heartfelt plea to listeners, asking them to register to vote and register for FreePAC.

"I'm telling you, this is the freedom movement," Beck explained. "I have met with these guys from Freedom Works over and over and over again. These guys are good. They are rock solid. They are Libertarian." He also noted that while they may have just lost ground in Utah with Orrin Hatch, they still "walked away with their credibility."

To register for FreePAC please click here.

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