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Implosion' Author: These Are the 4 Steps You Can Take to Save America from a 'Crisis of Biblical Proportions


"we're on the Titanic."

You may recall that author Joel Rosenberg's new book "Implosion" was featured on The Blaze Magazine's June reading list (it can also be found in The Blaze's book section). Rosenberg, an evangelical Christian and the co-founder and president of the Joshua Fund, spoke with me this week to discuss "Implosion" and the horrific dangers that America is facing.

During our discussion, he provided the four, key steps that citizens and officials, alike, can take to pull the nation back from the brink of disaster. Considering that saving the U.S. is the focus of his new book, the author had plenty of knowledge and perspective to share.

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In "Implosion," a book title that certainly spells mayhem more than it does peace and tranquility, Rosenberg's views on the current state of affairs are offered (as are some of the reasons that explain how the nation ended up in this troubling situation). From a tattered economy to social chaos, the author contends that the U.S. is facing major problems on nearly every front. This, in essence, is a catastrophe-in-waiting.

"America is experiencing a seriously epic failure at almost every level of society," Rosenberg told The Blaze. "I divide the book into two areas -- the economic and financial side and the moral and spiritual side."

Considering the very different nature of the two spheres, he contends that it's difficult to discern which one is worse off than the other. Economically, Rosenberg says that "we're on the Titanic." On the social side, the situation is equally -- if not more -- troubling.

The author called the current level of federal spending "unsustainable," claiming that both liberals and conservatives agree with his assessment. As for the crime rate, Rosenberg lamented its purported 460 percent increase since 1960. All things considered, America's social and moral fabric is tattered.

"The question is: At what point is the tipping point at which you cannot pull back from all that?," Rosenberg asked, going on to say that he doesn't know how much time America has to turn the ship around.

He went on to list four action steps that U.S. citizens and leaders, alike, should take to get the nation back on track. (1) To begin, he explained that it's important for every American "to plead with God to forgive us and have mercy on our country." As a nation, he contends that we have gone astray and that it's time to appeal to the Lord to bring America back on track. While he explained that Wall Street, Hollywood and other sectors deserve blame, Rosenberg believes the church is "the biggest failure."

"The church is supposed to be the lighthouse in a dark society showing the way to Christ who in himself is the way," he said. "We are in a spiritual crisis of Biblical proportions.

(2) Overturning Roe vs. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court case that legalized abortion, is the second most important action that Rosenberg says is needed to restore America. During our discussion, he likened abortion to a holocaust.

"We are going to face just horrific judgement. I want a peaceful approach to changing these laws," he proclaimed. "We're approaching the death of 10 times as many people as the Nazis killed during the Holocaust."

His third action point (3) shifts to federal and personal spending. With deficits and the overall national debt exploding, Rosenberg appeals for the government to "stop spending us into oblivion." While he issued a clarion warning to the government, he extended this to each and every American citizen as well, urging personal restraint in handling finances.

"You just have to stop all of this crazy overspending. If you take out a mortgage for your house and it's many multiples of your income, it's not a terrible thing as long as you have a 30-year-plan to pay it down," he added, going on to say that "cutting off credit cards" may be a viable action for some to consider.

(4) His fourth word of advice for for America not to "cut Israel loose." Because the Bible is clear that God will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who go against the Middle Eastern nation, Rosenberg claimed that this issue is monumentally important. He said that abandoning Israel, especially as the international showdown with radical Islam continues, would be a "nightmare scenario."

With an election just months away, the stakes are certainly high. But Rosenberg, who didn't delve too deeply into partisan politics during our chat, believes uncertainty is the main tone taking hold (in fact he, too, admitted that he's gone through his own "political detox" of late).

"People not only believe we're on the wrong track, they're worried we wont be able to get back on the right track," he said. "And they're not sure either man [Obama or Romney] can get the country back on the right path."

The author's overall assessment is that the nation needs to come back to Jesus Christ. Rosenberg is calling for a Third Great Awakening -- one that would be reminiscent of the first two spiritual revivals (one in the 1700s and the other in the 1800s).

"I truly believe if we don't see a Third Great Awakening in the next number of years, this country is going to implode and it wont matter who's at the top. And I say that with grief."

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