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Watch: Incredible Post-SCOTUS Episodes of The Glenn Beck Program and 'Real News' Airs Here


On Thursday, the Supreme Court upheld the individual mandate on which the fate of Obamacare hinged, ruling it constitutional as a tax. Worse yet, it was "conservative" Chief Justice John Roberts who cast the deciding vote, swaying the victory in President Obama's favor. Because this is such a historic moment in our nation’s history, Glenn Beck made all GBTV coverage on Thursday available free of charge. Tune in to the video featured above for free episodes of the Glenn Beck Program and Real News From The Blaze.

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The night's episode of Beck's program opened in quite a memorable way. "Sons and daughters of America!" exclaimed Beck as he rode onto the GBTV set perched atop a dark brown horse. "We stand here together, today, in defiance of tyranny."

It boils down to Chief Justice Roberts "selling us out," according to Beck, who reminded viewers that even left-leaning Justice Kennedy came to the conservative side in this instance. Ironically, liberals once dubbed Justice Roberts a corporate lawyer and "right wing ideologue.” Interestingly enough, they are likely singing his praises now.

Beck, impassioned like perhaps never before, urged viewers to get the "spineless, progressive cowards" out of office, and instead elect leaders who actually wish to be true "servants of the people." He also asked viewers to "register everyone you can" to vote.

The Supreme Court's decision is harmful, according to Beck, because it now leaves the door open for new taxes to become lawful. Beck asked what is to stop Mayor Michael Bloomberg, for instance, from taxing people for not working out.

"America lost a battle today."

"The Left has woken a sleeping giant," he added before declaring that, once beaten, Americans will dust themselves off, rise up and just when it seems all is lost, “kick some a**.”

"Today the American people are now fully awake," Beck said, adding that we will make Obama "a thing of the past." He also had choice words for President George W. Bush, blaming him for appointing progressive John Roberts.

"We are paying the price of that mistake," he observed." Then we "made another one in 2008."

He promised to give Obama "the biggest mandate" America has ever seen in 2012.

Later on in the broadcast, Beck conducted a series of interviews with his radio co-host Stu Burguiere, FreedomWorks founder Matt Kibbe, and radio host Kevin Jackson.

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The entire episode of the Glenn Beck Program, as well as Real News From The Blaze will remain featured above. Shorter clips of the show's highlights will also be available soon.


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