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Angry T-Mobile Customer In Britain Goes on Rampage & Unleashes Fire Extinguishers Inside Store (and There's Vid!)


"The store is still closed while T-Mobile takes stock of the damage..."

Have you ever got so angry at your cell phone provider you just wanted to throw a tantrum and spray a fire extinguisher inside your local store? No? Well, that's what one guy in England did after he was told he didn't qualify for a refund.

The man, identified as 42-year-old Jason Codner, went on a rampage inside a T-Mobile store on Saturday in Manchester. After not getting the rebate he wanted, he started tearing things off the walls, completely trashing the store. Not satisfied with his handiwork, he decided to grab not one but two nearby fire extinguishers and began spraying them all over the store:

A crowd gathered outside the store and ate least one person captured video:

The Manchester Evening News has the reaction from T-Mobile:

There were seven members of staff and 'a number of customers' in the store at the time and all were taken outside the shop while they waited for police to arrive. The spokesman added that the incident was 'very upsetting' for staff. The store is still closed while T-Mobile takes stock of the damage but will reopen 'as soon as possible'. T-Mobile added: "We will of course continue to work to ensure the safety – of both our staff and our customers - is of paramount importance at all times."

Codner faces court on July 31.
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