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Over the Line? Huffington Post Mocks Republican Congresswoman By Splicing Clip of Her With Orgasm Scene


We won't have what they're having.

Once more, the Left displays a surprisingly weak understanding of the concept of "grace in victory."

As many readers no doubt remember with some pain, the initial reports from networks like Fox News and CNN after last week's healthcare ruling claimed that the individual mandate had been struck down before information trickled in showing that, in fact, the opposite was true. During the short time that people believed the mandate was unconstitutional, no doubt a few of those people with strong feelings may have had undignified reactions. One such person was Ohio Congresswoman Jean Schmidt, who let loose several ecstatic cries of "YES! YES!"

Naturally, Schmidt's reaction was premature and wrong. However, that hasn't stopped the Huffington Post from putting together a questionably tasteful mash-up of her joy with a rather...shall we say risque scene from the classic romantic comedy "When Harry Met Sally." Watch their mocking clip below:

Now, not to spoil the Post's fun, but surely this kind of gloating is childish at minimum, and certainly doesn't jive with the Left's recent calls for "civility" in public discourse. But does it cross the line into sexism? Newsbusters' Paul Wilson thinks so:

The Huffington Post created a video mixing scenes of Republican congresswoman Jean Schmidt celebrating initial, inaccurate reports that Supreme Court struck down the individual mandate with the iconic orgasm scene from the movie “When Harry Met Sally.”

Huffington Post writer Mark Hanrahan called Schmidt’s celebration “ear-splitting, primal joy,” and continued the innuendo by writing: “Schmidt then informed bystanders that the individual mandate was struck down before letting slip a final, passionate "YES!"

The hypocrisy of the Huffington Post is breathtaking. The outlet reacted with righteous indignation when Rush Limbaugh demeaned Sandra Fluke by calling her a slut on his radio program. But when presented with the opportunity to sexually attack a conservative congresswoman, the Huffington Post gleefully obliged.

Wilson may well have a point, a point which we will allow readers to judge for themselves. However, we do have to wonder if the "orgasm" comparison, though it's in poor taste, is really only a meaningful concept where women are concerned. Moreover, as sexist attacks go, might being compared to Meg Ryan be one of the less insulting ones? Weigh in below.

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