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Vanity Fair' investigates Romney's offshore bank accounts, finds nothing


There's a four-page investigation running in Vanity Fair on the most tired subject of the presidential race: Mitt Romney's money how private he is about it.

What we learn from the lengthy piece: Nothing, really. Except that having offshore accounts and taking advantage of tax loopholes:

  • “...kind of looks tacky.”
  • "...would raise red flags..."
  • "...this stuff is weird."

Other no-calorie phrases from the story:

  • "...the Romney campaign insists he saves no tax by using them, but there is no way to check this."
  • "...the young Romney...was willing to push into gray areas when it came to business."
  • "...we cannot know how he did it."
  • "Mysteries also arise when one looks at Romney’s individual retirement account at Bain Capital."

Whole thing here if you have time to waste.

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