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Thaddeus McCotter wrote a 'train wreck' TV script

GOP presidential candidate and Michigan Rep. Thaddeus McCotter expressed his outrage over the recent Gibson Guitar factory raids. (AP File Photo)

Michigan Representative and Woody Harrelson lookalike Thaddeus McCotter didn't make it very far in his bid for the White House this election season. But he's found a new way to express himself: He's written the script for a TV show pilot.

"Bumper Sticker: Made On Motown" starred McCotter hosting a crude variety show cast with characters bearing the nicknames of his congressional staffers and his brother. They take pot shots about McCotter's ill-fated bid for the White House while spewing banter about drinking, sex, race, flatulence, puking and women's anatomy. It features a cartoon intro and closing snippet with an Oldsmobile careening through Detroit and knocking over the city's landmarks. The double-finned car has a Michigan license plate reading: "Made on MoTown."

Sound like a complete mess? McCotter told The Detriot News, which obtained the script without McCotter's permission, that was the point. "The very fact that people wouldn't find that funny and the suffering of the protagonist of having to be involved in it was what was funny," he said. He said the script was "deliberately designed to be a train wreck."

Another fun fact: S.E Cupp was written in the script as a guest on the show's pilot.

[Detriot News]

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