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Current TV's Cenk Uygur Slams Fox News Over Stossel's Poverty Experiment: 'Is That What Jesus Christ Would Have Done?


"...stop pretending that you care about Christian values at all."

On Thursday, The Blaze brought you footage of Fox Business Network host John Stossel posing as a homeless man in New York City. As we noted, on "Fox & Friends" yesterday morning, Stossel used the video in a discussion about freeloaders and the culture of dependency that he believes the federal government is breeding.

Not everyone found the segment to be enlightening. In fact, Current TV's Cenk Uygur was less-than-pleased with Stossel's commentary, calling both the host and Fox News out for standing against Christian values.

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Uygur slammed Stossel's experiment and mimicked it, saying, "Yeah, you shouldn't give to street people because I did an experiment where I sat outside on my ass and some people were decent enough to think that I wasn't messing with them -- and thought I really needed help and they gave me money..."

The Current host went on to admit that many of the poor and homeless have addiction problems, but that those in need shouldn't be derided due to their socioeconomic status. Then, he went on to claim that both Stossel and the network are acting against the "Christian values" they apparently claim to embrace.

"This is the channel that claims they're in favor of Christian values. Is that what Jesus Christ would have done?," Uygur asked. "A segment on how you shouldn't help the poor and homeless? And they call it entitlement in the banner. Who's entitled? They're begging for money!"

And he wasn't done there.

"It's not the Christian thing to do to make fun of them. So stop pretending that you care about Christian values at all," he continued.

Watch Uygur's rant, below:

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