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Romney and DNC push dueling Venn diagrams


The Romney campaign released a detailed Venn diagram infographic Thursday slamming the president for failed promises on the debt and deficit, that was quickly retorted by the DNC.

The blog post on Romney's campaign website reads "President Obama pledged early in his term to get spending under control. Yet we are on track for a fourth straight trillion-dollar deficit and he has added over $5 trillion to the national debt," followed by these two graphics on the "Middle-Class Promise Gap." 

The post comes after the Romney campaign released another Venn diagram infographic earlier in the week regarding Health Care and the "Middle-Class Promise Gap" that confused some. The DNC appears to have gone on the offensive, responding with this post Thursday poking fun of the Venn diagram shtick while reiterating the left's most recent focus against Romney: his business overseas. The post reads "Note: 'People Who Become President' Doesn't Appear On This Venn Diagramm"


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