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This Video of a Man 'Super Moonwalking' Will Have You in Awe (And Likely Trying It)


"You're seeing the beginning of something great here."

Do you remember a time when you were fascinated by Michael Jackson's moonwalk? Admit it, you tried replicating the signature move until you just couldn't get enough.

If you've perfected the move, we have something new for you to try (or at least just enjoy watching): "super moonwalking." Super moonwalking is like Michael Jackson's fluid, backward walk but more extreme. It involves picking up your legs with far greater force -- instead of just the heel of your foot -- and moving backward.

See super moonwalking in action in this video:

As Gawker points out, the physics-defying supermoon walk exhibited by performer Eric Nash, whose YouTube channel "OneLoveCandyMan" recently posted the clip, took place on 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, Calif.

The clip below added by BrettTheiPhone gives some background on Nash and his street performance:

BrettTheiPhone helped Nash learn to upload his videos to YouTube. "You're seeing the beginning of something great right here," BrettTheiPhone said.

With nearly 38,000 hits at the time of this posting after being uploaded yesterday, do you think Nash's super moonwalk has viral potential?

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