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Joe Biden: Rich Guys Like Mitt Romney Just Don't Understand 'Middle Class Folks Like Me


"For middle class folks like me, and most of you, owning a home is maybe the most consequential element of our existence to be able to provide for our families."

As Keith Koffler of the White House Dossier points out, Vice President Joe Biden actually thinks he's part of the middle class. This, despite the fact he made nearly $400,000 in 2011, placing him comfortably in the "rich" category President Obama has created in his bid to raise taxes on the country's top income earners making over $250,000-per-year.

However, addressing the National Council of La Raza in Las Vegas on Tuesday, Biden -- without mentioning he and his wife had an adjusted income of $379,000, according to his 2011 tax return -- suggested he is just your average middle class Joe (no pun intended).

"For middle class folks like me, and most of you, owning a home is maybe the most consequential element of our existence to be able to provide for our families," he said.

He went on to say rich people or "these guys," including GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, don't understand what it's like for regular people in the middle class. Biden even quoted Romney as saying, "Let the market hit bottom," in response to the housing crisis of 2008.

"That may be a sound business judgment if you're running Bain Capital, but it's not a sound judgment for the United States government to be encouraging," Biden added, in his dramatic trademark tone.

Watch some of the video from Biden's address, including his questionable claim that he is somehow part of the middle class:

More commentary from the Dossier:

If Biden feels he is middle class, it may be due to his apparent inability to manage his finances.

According to a Dec. 1, 2011 report by the Center for Responsive Politics, Biden actually has a negative net worth.

"On the other end of the Obama administration’s net worth spectrum are Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar. Both had enough liabilities to place their estimated worth in the negative.

Biden’s low estimated net worth is a result of relatively small income from assets and six liabilities which totaled an average of $337,000. These include mortgages and home equity loans with a bank in his home state of Delaware, two lines of credit and a loan borrowed from his life insurance policy."

But if Biden considers himself middle class, Obama certainly does not. Obama’s proposal to jettison the Bush tax cuts for “the rich” pertains to those making more than $250,000 per year – whether they have somehow lost all their money or not.

Biden was apparently on a roll because in that same speech he also felt comfortable enough to make a sex joke.

"My mother said, and by the way, it was wonderful for children by the way--having your grandpop living with you, having your great aunt, your uncle, for real," he said. "Those walls were awful thin, I wonder how the hell my parents did it! But that's a different story. I know you don't anything about that. I know none of you in your families have done the same thing."

(H/T: Drudge)

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