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That Doesn't Make Sense': Obama Donor Infuriated by President's Rhetoric Speaks Out

"What do we want here? You can’t be successful and run the country? We don’t want somebody who has been successful to run it? That doesn’t make sense.”

Since the 2012 campaign began in earnest, the Obama campaign has tried to portray itself as the victim of a powerful, wealthy Republican opponent whose success renders him hopelessly out of touch with normal Americans, and who cannot possibly be seen as a viable alternative to the President precisely because he is so out of touch. They have also claimed that they are speaking truth to power and must be seen as a small, courageous band trying to keep government in the hands of the people and out of the mitts of the greedy, rich and powerful.

There's just one problem. When you portray yourself as the defender of the poor and scourge of the rich, it's rather hard to get donations from the people who can most afford to help finance an election, considering that those people are themselves rich. This fact has been driving away Obama donors consistently since the President began his drumbeat of class baiting, and now even some of his most loyal financial supporters are starting to get sick of it. Fox Nation brings us this deeply ironic, entertaining story:

Millionaire developer R. Donahue Peebles  -– a 52-year-old D.C. native  whose company website touts The Peebles Corp. as "the country's largest African Americanreal estate development company," is a top fundraiser for President Barack Obama...raising between $100K and $200K for this reelection.

But in a 20-minute conversation with HuffPost Monday, Peebles blasted Obama's campaign messaging. He said, as he told other press outlets, that his frustrationwas sparked by receiving an email from the DNC that mocked Romney as"out of touch" for having a boat that fit 12 people, accompanied by a picture of the Republican presumptive nominee on vacation.[...]

“What I get concerned about is the message from the Obama campaign that we only want someone who has not been successful to run for president. What do we want here? You can’t be successful and run the country? We don’t want somebody who has been successful to run it? That doesn’t make sense,” Peebles said.[...]

"So I look at that and I see that those things are becoming offensive to some of his strongest supporters, financially."It would be unrealistic to think that that kind of thing would not impact the enthusiasm for those who are supportive of the president, financially, and certainly would turn off others who were on the fence to say, 'You know, what the heck with it. I'm done,'" Peebles continued. "And they go on to Romney."[...]

"I'm so tired of hearing that the rich are not paying their fair share of taxes. Yeah we are," Peebles said. "The super vast majority of wealthy Americans do not wake up every day and say, 'Let's see how we can pay less than our fair share of taxes.' They say, 'We're going to follow the law and we're going to hire some good accountants to tellus how to do it. And we're going to pay no more or no less than ourfair share.'"So to say that wealthy individuals are not paying their fair is unfair and delusional," he said. "So what should be said is that the wealthy Americans should have their tax rates raised because we need more money. Now by the way, if they got all these tax raises it still wouldn't put a dent in the national debt."

There's more like this, and you can feel free to read the rest of you click the link above to see Peebles' epic rant. For now, we're beginning to wonder how long it will take before the Obama administration figures out they have a problem with rich people - not just the supposed greedy, nasty ones, but any rich person who doesn't like their hard work questioned by people who probably haven't worked as hard in a less demanding environment.

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