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Use Amazon, eBay or Pinterest? You Might Be a Romney Voter, According to This Chart


Do you prefer Pinterest to Tumblr, or Farmville to Angry Birds? What about Bing to Google for your web searching needs? If so, you may be more likely to back Mitt Romney over Barack Obama.

That's at least according to a new chart from the Washington, D.C.-based Engage, which paired web users' site preferences with their estimated political engagement levels -- and who they're more likely to vote for in November.

Check out the chart below:

Engage social media webEngage President Patrick Ruffini explained their methodology in a post on their website:

Over the past few months, we’ve crunched countless “Likes” from thousands of users of Trendsetter, our first-of-its-kind platform that ties together polling, social influence data, and consumer preferences. We’ve used it to map the politics of the social web, analyzing the political partisanship of the user bases of various social properties. Using predictive modeling of Facebook likes, we tied political preferences and engagement to one’s choice of social media and this bubble graph is the result.

Here's a slightly larger version:

Ruffini adds this analysis of some of the results:

Many of the results intuitively make sense. Sites that tend to skew more Republican include those oriented towards commerce and personal finance — like PayPal, eBay, Zillow and LinkedIn (not to mention Amazon, albeit at lower levels of political engagement). Sites that index higher for political engagement include Quora, BuzzFeed, and Wikipedia, which emphasize information and knowledge.

Here's a simpler breakdown of the main categories:

Engage social media web1

What do you think of Engage's chart -- does it match your web preferences with your political leaning? Or are you, for example, a Spotify devotee and an avowed Romney supporter? Let us know in the comments.

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