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As Big as My Torso': Giant 21-Pound Lobster Caught Near Cape -- How Much Meat Could it Yield?


“I had its tail on my shoulder and I had each claw in one of my hands..."

Elise Costa holding the giant lobster. (Photo: Elise Costa)

The 21-pound lobster caught in Orleans near Cape Cod, Mass., doesn't quite beat the beast The Blaze reported on earlier this year being caught off the coast of Maine, but the crustacean caught off Nauset Beach only weighs in six pounds less.

CBS Local reports Capt’n Elmers, a nearby restaurant that actually serves lobster, has the animal on display at the moment:

“I had its tail on my shoulder and I had each claw in one of my hands, and it was as long as my arms and as big as my torso. It’s giant,” said Manager Elise Costa.


Costa said the lobster’s claws were each about one foot long.

“Usually, for every four and a half pounds of live lobster, once you cook it and clean it, you get one pound of meat. So 21 divided by four and a half, that would give you about five pounds of meat,” said Costa.

The lobster will eventually be sold or raffled for charity.

According to the report, the two giant, Atlantic lobsters caught this year are rather rare, especially with "max gauge" rules restricting bringing in heavy-weights. Costa told CBS Local she thinks this area is one of the few left in New England that can bring in weightier catches of the popular seafood.

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