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God Never Asked Gov't': Pro-Life Christian Group Is 'Restoring Love' By Helping Teen Moms in Need


"...It was never the government’s responsibility."

With Glenn Beck's "Restoring Love" just days away, it's important we look at the many individuals and groups that are making a lasting (and positive) impact in their communities. Through unique and impactful programs, these people and organizations are giving of themselves and, as a result, transforming lives. Christa March and her non-profit Teen Mother Choices International (TMCI), an organization that equips teen mothers with important resources, is a prime example.

Many pro-life Americans wish to see young women carry their pregnancies to term. But, what happens to these inexperienced girls when they find themselves with a child to raise and with very little resources and support to adequately do so? This is the question that March and TMCI have set out to answer, both in theory and in action.

Considering the fact that 465,600 teen girls choose to keep their babies each year -- and that the majority of them will not finish high school -- the challenge surrounding how to help these young women is profound. March claims that the vast majority of females who receive public assistance also began getting it when they, too, were teen mothers (we told you about TMCI in the July/August issue of The Blaze Magazine -- get your copy here).

A description on the group's web site briefly recaps how it works to help these teens:

TMCInternational has designed a step-by-step plan to train and equip your church to provide practical assistance to families headed up by teen mothers. Some of the training includes:

  • Training and supervising caring mentors
  • Providing weekly Lifeskills Workshops™
  • Discovering the missing service – the "Hook Service" – that hinders teen mothers in your community from becoming independent and learning how your church can provide that practical service.

So TMCI, a Christian-led group, seeks to train churches across the nation to help them better understand -- and meet -- the needs of teen mothers. From life skills trainings to academic advice, guidance and assistance, TMCI is helping churches work with young girls, while putting their beliefs -- that individuals should help those in need who choose to keep their children -- into action.

Watch an informational video for more about TMCI:

Here's more about TMCI from The Blaze Magazine interview in this month's issue:

“Our overall purpose statement is to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ to teen mothers and their children,” March told The Blaze. “The goal is to empower teenage moms to become independent, functional members of's our goal to live our faith in such a way that it practically assists teenage moms and their kids towards independence.”

So far, the group has been wildly successful. None of the more than 400 teen moms who have gone through the program have relied upon public assistance later in life – a startling accomplishment that provides an interesting blueprint for helping young women across America. The key to these efforts is rooted in the fact that every church member gets involved and offers up his or her gifts to meet teen mothers’ needs. It’s a collaborative process that works.

TMCI has had enormous success relying upon generous and caring people in diverse communities -- individuals who have been and continue to be willing to help "the least of these." The payoff, of course, has been great both for the young women and the churches involved. March believes, too, that conservatives ought to be convicted to be involved in organizations like hers.

“As conservatives, our philosophy should be -- God never asked governments to do these kinds of things,” March explained. “It is our responsibility as people of faith to live out our faith and help those in need. It was never the government’s responsibility.”

You can find out more about TMCI here.

Editor's Note: The author of this article serves on the Board of Directors for TMCI.

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