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He's Wasting Our Time': Glenn Beck Slams Obama's Anti-Business Speech in Electrifying Segment


"This election is for the very soul of America."

Glenn Beck, in one of his most forceful monologues yet, took on President Obama's speech declaring that "If you've been successful, you didn't get there on your own."

"Wow, is this man dangerous," Beck said in a shocked voice after playing the infamous clip. "I want you to remember that next time, Bill Gates. You know, when you quit Harvard and you worked out of your garage, I want you to remember this. It wasn't you, no, it was somebody else. Remember that time, Mark Zuckerberg, when you launched that website out of your dorm room? Stop patting yourself on the back, Jack, that was somebody else."

The reductio ad absurdum implicit in Beck's statements should be obvious.

"Here's the good news," Beck continued, "Obama is telling us now what he really truly believes: From government, all blessings flow. Ronald Reagan said the opposite - 'government isn't the solution; government is the problem.' But Barack Obama believes that without the roads, how would people get to Wal-mart? Without teachers, how would anyone learn anything? This argument is so fatally flawed and easily flawed that it's laughable."

And point out those flaws Beck did. For one thing, he made the obvious point that even with the most gifted teacher, not every student passes a class, and indeed, the teacher isn't given all the credit (or even most of it) if a student aces the test. Moreover, as Beck pointed out, many companies that have gotten the most government help (like Solyndra and a host of others) have failed, while companies that didn't take as much help from the government failed. Clearly, there is a bit of individual success involved here, and the idea that government help necessarily correlates to success really is laughable.

Ultimately, though, Beck didn't laugh. Instead, he concluded with a somber declaration about what it would mean if President Obama were reelected.

"Look, America, here's what you need to remember tonight: This President isn't even really worth spending much more time talking about anymore. I mean, he wasting our time, and he's keeping us from the success that we all have ahead of us. He's holding America back from being the America we all know it can be. He's holding us back and he's trying to transform us into something that we're not," Beck thundered. "This election is for the very soul of America, and guess who's going to win? And you know what? If we don't win, then we deserve to be destroyed."

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