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Viral Vid: Dad Humiliates Son for His 'Midget' Skinny Jeans That are So Tight the Teen Can't Squat


"I know your nuts hurt!"

Have you been walking through the store recently only to notice a new, perplexing fashion trend? You know, the one that features young men wearing tight, calf-hugging jeans that sit below the butt. Well, one dad recently noticed his son taking part, and he wasn't too pleased. So he did what has become popular in the YouTube age: he turned his tongue-lashing into a viral video.

In that video, the angry father can be heard telling his son how silly he looks, making him spin and do other tasks that are rendered impossible because of the jeans. Tasks such as squatting. And in fact, that failed task leads to probably the funniest line of the video: "I know your nuts hurt!"

There's also this runner up: "You look like you stole a midget's pants!"

But the son seems to take the ribbing in stride, laughing at times during the video.

The video is from July 5, but is just starting to make the rounds:

As you may have noticed from the captions, the dad has started a Facebook page called Say No to Saggin' Skinny Jeans.

(H/T: Gawker)

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