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Beck Shares Inspirational 'Restoring Love' Stories of Charity & Compassion


Glenn Beck's "Restoring Love" is only days away. This morning, Beck spent time on his radio show covering some of the inspirational and uplifting stories he's heard this week surrounding charity and compassion.

"I am so humbled by the people that are serving this week," Beck proclaimed, going on to share the fact that 34,000 volunteers have arrived in the Dallas area from 14 countries and all 50 states to participate in the Restoring Love Day of Service this Friday.

Among the stories he shared was one about a man named Billy Harris. Billy and his wife live in the Fort Worth area. Unfortunately, both have experienced major health battles and the family's home is badly in need of repairs. Beck shared the fact that contractors from across America have volunteered to come and help the family.

In another story, a poor and elderly couple felt compelled to tithe. After prayerful consideration, they went into their pantry. Being able to give money, they took 10 percent of their rice and beans from their meager supply and donated it to those who are more in need than they are. This unbelievably giving and selfless act is clearly moving.

Beck shared these stories to showcase just what's coming later this week when the thousands of volunteers work to improve the lives of those in need. Watch him talk about these examples, below:

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