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See a Cop Use His Car to Stop an 88-Year-Old Man Driving the Wrong Way -- And He Knew It!


“He said he didn’t see any exit."

When 88-year-old Kenneth Gill of Scarborough, Maine, set out on Friday to pay his water bill, he probably didn't expect it to end with him crashing head-first into the car of a state trooper. But that's what happened. The "why," however, will have you scratching your head.

See, in his rush to pay his bill, Scarborough ended up going the wrong way down Interstate 295. Trooper Douglas Copper got the call while conducting a traffic stop on a different vehicle. He immediately left and went in pursuit of Scarborough.

“I knew I had to get to Marginal Way and back on Exit 7 and cross over before he got to the bridge,” Cropper told the Portland Press Herald.

Considering he knew the stretch of road Scarborough was traveling, he knew there were curves ahead -- and that meant trouble.

“I knew we would be looking at more than an accident,” Cropper said.

He eventually reached the area he wanted and realized he didn't have time to  deploy spike strips to blow out the tires. So he used plan b: his car.

“I came in pretty hard, but I was on my brakes and almost at a dead stop,” he told the Press Herald.

Scarborough slammed into the front side of Cropper's car going about 45-50 MPH. Both, however, were unharmed.

So what did Scarborough say once he get out of the car? “He said he didn’t see any exit."

The incident was all caught on Cropper's dash cam. Ironically, you'll note that Cropper travels the wrong way down a street during the pursuit:

Interestingly, Cropper isn't a stranger to high-profile cases. He's been involved in other chases and popular cases in Maine. See which ones here.

(H/T: Jalopnik)

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