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Flexing The 'Goodness Muscle': Beck Delivers Powerful History Lesson About Herbert Hoover


"If we don't use it, it will atrophy."

After much anticipation, Wednesday marks the beginning of Restoring Love, the culmination of Glenn Beck's three-year series of events focusing on courage, honor and charity. People are traveling to Dallas, Texas, from all over the country to attend this multi-day event. On his Monday evening broadcast, Beck invoked an important lesson from Herbert Hoover, who, rather than provide people in need with a government hand-out, called on the goodness of the community to provide for each other.

Recalling how then-Commerce Secretary Hoover earned the moniker "the great humanitarian," for his handling of the massive, Mississippi Flood of 1927, Beck explored the motivations behind this great American -- motivations which likely led to his claiming the presidency just two years later.

Hoover's very first step during the crisis was not to hand-out government assistance, rather, he asked the community to donate their own resources and skills to aid each other in time of turmoil. Why would he call on the army when he could call on Main Street, Beck recalled.

At the end of the day, the public ended up donating more than double what the government did. Hoover knew that "America is great because America is good," but also that goodness "is a muscle," Beck qualified. "And when it is not used it will atrophy."

This is an era in which we are going to need to "flex that muscle" because "America has been trained not to use [it]."

Watch Beck deliver this important history lesson below:

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