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Are all the G-chatters now crashing twitter?


Since this morning, service on Google Chat, Google Talk, G-chat, or whatever you want to call it has been down. It has been ruining online social lives, while at the same time probably upping productivity levels at work.

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When outages to popular sites occur, many take to Twitter to a) see if others are experiencing the same problem and b) to complain about it. It now appears Twitter is down too.

I'm speculating all the G-chatters are crashing the micro-blogging site. That or it's the apocalypse of instant online communication (or more rationally there's a server outage somewhere).

According to DownRightNow.com, Twitter does in fact appear to be experiencing a likely service disruption for some of its users.

I turn to my favorite phrase for expressing frustration for the outages on both Twitter and G-chat: Blast.

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