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Blame Righty Syndrome': Malkin Goes After 'Ultimate Political Opportunist' Mayor Bloomberg & His Anti-Gun Crusade in Heated Debate


"Michael Bloomberg ... essentially endorsed anarchy."

Immediately following the tragic "Dark Knight Rises" shooting rampage in Aurora, Colo., New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg decided last week that we shouldn't waste our time reflecting on the preciousness and fragility of human life but that we should instead be focusing on gun control.

He even suggested police go on strike until lawmakers pass “appropriate” anti-gun legislation.

Of course, he had to walk back his "Hey, cops! You should totally go on strike" remarks because, you know, police strikes are illegal. But was his “knee-jerk reaction” really something that should surprise us? Should we be shocked that he wasted no time "exploiting" the "Dark Knight" tragedy for political purposes?

Conservative author Michelle Malkin doesn’t think so.

During a panel discussion on FOX’s “Hannity,” Malkin and FOX News contributor Tamara Holder got into a heated debate over Bloomberg's decision to use the Aurora shooting to push for stricter gun laws.

Show host Sean Hannity accused the New York mayor of exploiting the Aurora shooting “for political expediency to advance a cause,” adding that this sort of thing happens after every tragedy.

“Yes. That's right,” Malkin replied, “and I diagnosed it as blame righty syndrome, a year ago, in the wake of all of the mass murder hysteria after the awful atrocity in Tucson, Arizona.”

She went on to explain the "insanity" of Bloomberg’s call for a police strike.

Watch via Fox News:

“Michael Bloomberg, who was an elected government official, essentially endorsed anarchy. He called on police officers who are paid and who are employed by the government to protect and to serve, to go on strike,” she said.

“And then afterwards, he had to eat his own words because, of course, his lawyers probably reminded him of something called the Taylor ordinance, which prohibits government officials from officially endorsing public strikes like this, which endanger the public,” she added.

After some heated back-and-forth (involving a “shush!” from Malkin), Hannity called on Holder to respond.

“First, I would like to say that I think that the liberals are losing this argument," Holder responded, "I think that the liberals lose the argument when they call these weapons assault weapons, which I have done myself and I have been willing to become educated."

“They are not assault weapons. They do not kill as well as a moose rifle or as well as a rifle --”

“You are getting off topic,” Hannity interjected.

“No, no, no. But the problem is separating the crazies from the inner city, from what Mayor Bloomberg is stupidly and foolishly saying. The issue of guns is larger than just a five-minute debate. People die in different ways in this country with different gun problem,” Holder said.

“The question is, the exploitation within moments of a tragedy and the blame -- and this is what you chronicled, Michelle, they blame the Tea Party, they blame you, they blame me, they blame FOX, they blame talk radio, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, the list goes on,” Hannity said.

Hannity then threw it back to Malkin.

“I was just going to say that, you know, the problem with people like Michael Bloomberg and the problem with people like Tamara Holder is, they don't think about what they are saying. I mean, I actually take the time to listen,” the conservative authoress said.

“Just a couple of minutes ago, you called us essentially haters and insane, for condemning Michael Bloomberg's remarks and then you just said a couple of seconds ago, that what he said was nutty. And we chronicle time and time again --”

“What is chronicling? Do you work for the White House chronicling some tapes?” Holder, who, by the way, must be one of those “real journalists” we hear so much about, asked Malkin.

“You chronicle, you diagnose, you self-diagnose, you come up with all of these rhymes, your name is not Robert Frost. You are not a poet. Let's get to the issues.”

“You know, this is just an extension of ‘you are just a blogger.’ OK, I have heard this before,” Malkin said, rolling her eyes.

From that point on, the conversation calmed down a bit and eventually ended with Holder accusing Bloomberg of being “moronic.”

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