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Yes, We Can': Watch Ted Cruz Throw Down the Gauntlet to Obama in FreePAC Speech


"We are fed up with the same tired establishment incumbents that don't believe in a darn thing. "

In a speech that began and ended with a standing ovation, Texas candidate for U.S. Senate Ted Cruz took on Obama and the establishment in Washington before an enthusiastic audience at FreedomWorks' "FreePAC" event Thursday night at the American Airlines Center in Dallas.

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"God bless FreedomWorks, God bless Texas and God bless the Tea Party," Cruz began.

"A few weeks ago, the Supreme Court in a tragic decision upheld 'Obamacare'," Cruz said, drawing boos. "Let me tell you, as sad a day as that was for liberty, that was a shot heard around the world. That decision was like gasoline on fire."

He said the Supreme Court's decision to uphold the controversial health care law would make 2012 look a lot like 2010, referring to the elections in which the Tea Party made huge advances in Congress.

"Right now, liberty is under assault," he added. "Our national debt is larger than our gross domestic product, and the unhappy news is it has been career politicians in both parties who have gotten us in this mess." More cheers followed.

"Y'all are the solution," he explained. "We are on the verge of becoming the first generation in our nation's history to give our kids and grandkids a bleaker future... that is unacceptable to me."

And if elected to Senate, what is Cruz's first step to fixing the country?

"We repeal Obamacare," he said to thunderous applause. "Every single word."

"We are fed up with the same tired establishment incumbents that don't believe in a darn thing. Give us new leaders who will stand and fight for liberty. who will defend the U.S. Constitution, and who will stop spending money," said Cruz.

The Senate hopeful closed his speech by mocking President Obama's 2008 "Yes we can" slogan and asked the audience to answer a few simple questions.

"Can we retake the U.S. Senate," Cruz asked. "Yes we can."

The audience caught on quick.

"Can we retire Harry Reid?"

"Yes we can!" the crowd shouted back.

"Can we repeal Obamacare?"

"Yes we can!"

"And can we retire President Barack Obama?"

"Yes we can!" the audience yelled.

He exited the stage to rousing, prolonged applause and an emphatic standing ovation, screams and yells blaring out and Ted Cruz campaign signs held high in the air.

Watch Cruz's FreePAC speech here:

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