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Ever Think You'd Hear the Liberty Bell at Dallas Cowboys Stadium? Here's a Preview


"Glenn does things first-class, doesn't he?"

Beck obtained a copy of the original Liberty Bell, made by the same people, for Restoring Love. (Photo: AP)

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Everyone familiar with Glenn Beck knows he has a passion for our nation's history.  From his "Founders' Fridays" to his partnership with men like David Barton, Beck's audience undeniably knows more than the average person about the history of our country.

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Now, the audience is getting a chance to see the nation's most memorable artifacts-- first-hand.

"This afternoon at Dallas Cowboys Stadium, a few armored cars are going to be arriving with some extraordinarily valuable and rare-- priceless, priceless artifacts-- as we do a rehearsal later this afternoon, and we have to get these artifacts in..." Beck teased.

"The security for the artifacts [is] much higher than the security for anything else around here," he continued.  "One of the things that was sent Federal Express is the Liberty Bell, the copy of the Liberty Bell from Philadelphia," Beck said.

Watch as the bell is rung from the field, and hear the echo as it reverberates through Dallas Cowboys Stadium (skip to the end of the clip to just hear the bell).

And let's just be clear.  This isn't the cracked Liberty Bell that everyone knows, but it is no makeshift imitation.

"This is the sister Liberty Bell," Beck reiterated, made by the same people who made the original.

"It's the same bell," Beck said, and it was shipped to Dallas for the opening of Restoring Love.

"This is...I kind of don't even know how much this thing costs... one of the priceless artifacts that you're going to be seeing...there's about $30 million dollars worth of artifacts-- if you could even put a price on some of them-- that are going to be here."

After discussing the irony that today, you can "FedEx" the Liberty Bell, Beck gave a little more information on what's to come.

But first, here's another peek at the priceless artifact:

"This is one of the ways that the show is beginning tomorrow, at the end of [a] Star Spangled Banner which I think will rival Whitney Houston's...this is done by Alex Boye, who has wept every time-- he can't get it right because he's crying all the way through it, because he just became a U.S. citizen."

Alex Boye is the same man who flew half-way around the world to perform at Restoring Courage-- without making any arrangements beforehand-- and miraculously ended up singing at a place where Beck just happened to be the day before the event.

"All night I was tossing and turning thinking: this guy has got to [end] the event in Jerusalem.  I meet him an hour before-- there's no rehearsal, there's nothing," Beck explained.  "Him and his piano player walk out-- they had not rehearsed... And he told me the story [about] how ten years ago, he was trying out for a Broadway play... and he used this song, and he knew he had the gig, and he didn't get it."

Beck continued:  "He's walking down the street, and he was praying to God, and he was kind of pissed at Him.  He's like: 'I know You told me to prepare this song, and I thought I had this gig.' And he said he was overwhelmed by the Spirit, [saying]: "not for this, this is to be kept ready-to-go because it will be performed at the end of a very special event.'"

That event was Restoring Courage, and now the same man-- having just received his U.S. citizenship-- is performing at Restoring Love.

"At the end of his song, the Liberty Bell is being rung ... and that's just the first five minutes."


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