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Author Brad Thor on Restoring Love: 'I Don't Want to Say It's Like That Day After 9/11, That 9/12 Experience...But It Was


"You know, it didn't take something terrible to happen to get us all together in one place."

Brad Thor

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New York Times bestselling author Brad Thor was among the tens of thousands of people who traveled to Dallas this week for Glenn Beck's historic Restoring Love event. It's here that he says he met "the most wonderful collection of human beings" he had ever had the pleasure of being around.

Thor, who has attended numerous Tea Party rallies, said there was just something different and special about Restoring Love -- something indescribable even.

Thor gave TheBlaze an impromptu interview that, interestingly enough, we conducted while traveling in a pick-up truck to Cowboys Stadium for the Restoring Love finale on Saturday. But in the end, that seems quite fitting.

Thor said he was "overwhelmed" after seeing so many good-hearted Americans come together in one place to do good. He also said, as an author, the words to truly describe how amazing the event was eluded him but the overpowering sense of goodness and love was like nothing he had ever experienced.

"I don't want to say it's like that day after 9/11, that 9/12 experience where we all came together as Americans, but it was," Thor told TheBlaze. "You know, it didn't take something terrible to happen to get us all together in one place."

He continued: "This is what you want everyone in your community to be. This is what you want your neighbor to be, and the teachers at your school and the people in your government."

In addition to speaking at a town hall discussion group for Restoring Love on Friday, Thor was at Cowboys stadium for a book signing where people waited in huge lines to get their copies of his latest book, "Black List," signed and to shake the author's hand.

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"Everybody wanted to talk about the plot of the book. Everybody was really into it, really intrigued and said you know, 'this plot is so real, the things you write about are the things I have been thinking' and that's what I heard from people over and over again."

You can order your copy of "Black List" here.

Listen to TheBlaze's exclusive pick-up truck interview with Thor here (ignore the sounds of the road):

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