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Woman likes Obamacare more after receiving rebate worth less than one month's insurance bill


A woman named Lucia Harkenreader is featured in the New York Times today after receiving a rebate check from her insurance company, thanks to the new health care law. The law says insurers must annually return money to customers if less than 80 percent of their premiums go toward actual medical care.

The Times says Harkenreader wasn't a supporter of Obamacare, but after receiving her check she told the paper, “If this is part of Obamacare, I’m happy that somebody is finally coming down on the insurance companies and saying, ‘Look, let’s be fair here.’”

Logic: (A) The one-time rebate Harkenreader received was for $456.15. (B) She said she pays $480 each month for her insurance. (C) Harkenreader has a new perspective since receiving a check that won't even cover one month's insurance bill.

Any life-coach tips on how I can achieve that level of optimism? Prescriptions also welcome.

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