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Colorado governor demonstrates best (possible) way to have public divorce


The breakups of elected officials and their spouses are often messy. Just think back on California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford. Both went through sticky, sticky public breakups with their wives after having spicy affairs with Latina women.

But along comes Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper (D) yesterday to break the mold. He issued a press release announcing a "mutual and amicable" divorce from his wife of 10 years. Of course, try as the governor might, there's no way to not make this at least a little weird.

Included in the release, these details about Hickenlooper's "Modern Family"-esque life plan:

"[W]e will embark on our annual family vacation together this week, share meals often, and plan to spend holidays together. You can continue to expect to see both of us out in the community –- sometimes together, sometimes solo. Please feel free to include both of us in social gatherings as we will not find it awkward."

I get it. The idea behind this was to preempt any questions Hickenlooper or members of his family might receive about the situation. But sometimes, sometimes... it's best to wait and see if anyone actually plans on asking.

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