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Finally: The Video of Obama Donating $5K to Himself


"We don’t get some of the massive checks that the other side does..."

You may have heard already that President Obama donated $5,000 to his own campaign. Depending on your political persuasion and what you think of the president, that’s either very noble of him or it screams of desperation.

Of course, there is always a third option: you don't care.

For those of you who do (for a myriad of reasons, we're sure), we invite you to watch the following video released on Monday by the Obama campaign:

Final thought -- In regards to the line, "We don’t get some of the massive checks that the other side does," that just simply isn't true. Didn't Bill Maher and Morgan Freeman both donate $1,000,000 a piece to the Obama reelection campaign?

Furthermore, we don’t recall anyone on that "side" complaining in 2008 when they hauled in a record-smashing $750 million from fundraisers. And we really don't recall anyone on that "side" explaining how outspending Sen. John McCain by a ratio of 3-to-1 was a "bad" thing.

Okay, so let's see if we understand this correctly: Romney's "massive checks" are bad, our "massive checks" are good. Got it.

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